Creating a premium, tasty and quality perception for Gold Fantasia family.
Developing a different concept distinguishing from the competitor brands.
Developing a common design language for different variants.


We placed red forest fruits representing the flavour promise of the products, premium Belgian chocolate, biscuits and coffee beans in the focal point of the packaging using the most delicious and natural icons in a period placement of ice-cream image on the packaging became an ordinary practice. Background colours served towards adding distinctness to the product variants and colours printed on the metallized background contributed to the vitality and quality perception of the packaging. A dynamic typography has been selected to integrate the modern lettering practice of the present day with the premium product identity in order to complete the design. An elegant opening effect has been applied in the bottom part of the designs as an avant-garde approach that wasn’t used in the ice-cream packaging so it represents the innovative and transparent communication style of the series.